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Best 10 Jumma Mubarak DP Images for Facebook and WhatsApp

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Jumma Mubarak refers to Friday is a public holiday in Arab or Muslim countries. Friday is very important day for Muslims because in Islam their are a lot of Virtues explain for this day. So Muslim community knows this day is very important for Prayers. We have seen that many people search about Jumma Mubarak DP Images for their Facebook and WhatsApp Profile Pictures. Here we are going to present the best 10 Jumma Mubarak DP Images for You:

Best 10 Jumma Mubarak DP Images

Jumma Mubarak DP 1

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 1

Jumma Mubarak DP 2

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 2

Jumma Mubarak DP 3

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 3

Jumma Mubarak DP 4

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 4

Jumma Mubarak DP 5

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 5

Jumma Mubarak DP 6

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 6

Jumma Mubarak DP 7

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 7

Jumma Mubarak DP 8

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 8

Jumma Mubarak DP 9

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 9

Jumma Mubarak DP 10

Jumma-Mubarak-DP 10

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More About Jumma Mubarak

As we said that Jumma is a Prayer day for Muslim Community and they knows the importance of this blessed day. We have share top 10 Jumma Mubarak DP Images in this post and in upcoming post we are going to share Jumma Mubarak Wishes and Quotes as well. We are collecting awesome Quotes and Status images for next Posts, Specially for Jumma Mubarak Day SMS and Wishes DP Images. Visit again in few days for more awesome Jumma DP Images.

Importance of Jumma Mubarak

The literal meaning of Friday is congregation. In Islam, this day is given the most importance than any other days of the week. Every Friday, Prayer of Jumma is offered and for this prayer special time is taken. Imams of all Masjid’s deliver khutbah (speech) on a special topic every Friday.

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