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How to install WhatsApp on Laptop or PC ?

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A Step by Step Guide to install  & WhatsApp Download on PC 

Do you want to use WhatsApp on your PC without using Browser? So let me know you how to use Whatsapp on laptop or PC. To Whatsapp Download App first go to official Whatsapp Website also you can download it from Apple App Store if you are Mac or Iphone user. You must have Window 8 (or Latest Version) and Mac OSX 10.9(or Latest Version) for installing Whatsapp on your PC or Laptop. For all other systems you may use Whatsapp on your browser only.

For WhatsApp Download, Click on the Following Button


Let’s Start How To install on Windows 8 

Step # 1- Open Chrome and Visit the Whatsapp Downloading Page to download the .exe file.

Step # 2- When Downloading process complete, open .exe file to install Whatsapp on PC

Step # 3- When install process complete, open Whatsapp on PC and Scan QR code to log in.


Follow Steps to install on Mac OSX 10.9

Step # 1- Open Chrome and Visit the Whatsapp Downloading Page to download .zip file.

Step # 2- When Downloading is complete, open the zip file to run the app.

Step # 3- On your first install, the application will prompt if you would like to add WhatsApp to your Applications folder and your desktop dock.

Step # 4- When install process complete, launch Whatsapp on you PC and Scan QR Code to login.


Also Learn How to scan the QR code

For Android: Go to Chats screen >> Menu >> WhatsApp Web.

For iPhone: Go to Settings >> WhatsApp Web.

For Windows: Go to Chats screen >> Menu >> WhatsApp Web.


Note: ARM processors and Linux based systems are not supported.


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